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Our actions take place within 3 areas:



Training is more than transferring knowledge: it is the development and practice of the behaviours that shape competences.

Starting from knowledge, we motivate for action and generate visible changes in behaviour so that, through repetition, they may consolidate into attitudes.  We follow for the path below:

Knowing something does not imply doing it. Many of us know the importance of listening to our teams, but not all of us are able to make them feel listened to. This is why our focus is more on what is done and how, and not so much on what is known.


Our goal is:

  • To have a clear and defined picture of the organization’s reality and of the participants’ situation. In order to achieve this, we propose diagnostic interviews with participants and other people critical to their development, as well as on the job accompaniments to gain a better understanding of their day-to-day reality and behaviour.
  • For participants to have as clear a picture as possible of their own behaviour and attitudes. For this, we propose a 360º feedback customized to the training’s objective as part of its preparation.

Once in the training room, we train the behaviours we want to change using role-plays in which participants do things in their own way and receive feedback to help them become aware of how they are perceived. This feedback, along with the 360º feedback completes the participant’s image. We propose alternatives and repeat the role-plays introducing the changes resulting from the feedback, in order to experiment new behaviours, and transfer them to an action plan that will be implemented on the job.

We leave approximately 4 weeks between training days to facilitate implementation and follow-up the next training day.

Besides role-plays, we combine different methodologies to obtain the result we are looking for, such as games, experience training, workshops, video, out-door training and simulations.

Training areas

People management
Commercial skills
Me management
Special solutions


For us, coaching is “The art of helping another to develop and unleash his talent with the aim of improving his performance”.

We relieve that the success of coaching requires the following factors:

  • Coach versatility to adapt his coaching style to the coachee´s learning style.
  • Clearly defined goals for each session and for the coaching program.
  • Identification of the coachee’s reward system to activate his or her will for improvement.
  • Useful diagnosis and evolution tools
  • Skills to make the coachee aware of his or her behaviors.

We believe that a good coach must inspire confidence, ask good questions, listen with interest, provoke if necessary, overcome blocks, praise success, be a good example, show empathy, be firm and have a clear vision of the goal.

All of our consultants have ample experience coaching managers.


Our goal in this business area is to give coherence to all the development actions that we undertake with our clients. To do so, we organize it into three axes:

  • Definition of the organization’s or business unit’s own space where its vision, strategy, culture and structure converge, so that the actions make sense and provide maximum impact.
  • Diagnosis of the organization’s, the team’s or the person’s situation, using personal and subjective as well as collective and more objective tools.
  • Assuring transfer. We design actions and tools that allow the people internally responsible, as well as the participants themselves, to follow-up after the development actions have ended, measuring their impact and supporting their implementation.

Respecting these axes, the solutions that we design will depend on the complexity of the conditions that the companies are going through and will be as specific as necessary.


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